Assemblage Art

Assemblage is an interesting and unusual artistic form created with three-dimensional

elements beautifully adhered to a substrate. 

This form of expression has become such a satisfying way to tell a story.

One of our favorite pastimes throughout our marriage has been the love of traveling to any shore, walking and talking for hours.  Over a decade ago, we began seeing our collection of driftwood, beach glass, sand, and shells grow and we still smile as we think of the great conversations, connection, and memories we've made. In the pieces you'll experience on this page you'll see a combination of our draw to nature and our love of assemblage.  As you can see, these treasures have a deep meaning for both Ted and me.  Ted has been creating these unique, one of a kind, sculptures from driftwood and accents for our home

and now we offer them for you to enjoy.

These offerings will surely provide a touch of nature and warmth in your home or business.

(Currently shipping in the US only)