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"Art is a vehicle for the voice...

... that results from interactions and experiences that occur in a passing moment and becomes it's own, unique interaction and experience for someone else."

woman with eyes closed with quote overlay
"Harmonious" Painting by Artist, Tina Lawver

It's so true! I've been blessed to be witness to it and participate in the telling.

What an honor to be an artist in this world today. To be called to place loaded brush to clean canvas and allow the story to unfold. It doesn't begin there though.

I was deceived believing it was all about me, my skill, my ability and not considering that I was simply a participant in the bigger thing. Though it's important to have those tools to communicate, it's not the vital thing.

We think we are doing something....teaching a class, making art, writing a story....whatever it is,

BUT we are actually doing a deep dive into something so much more.

Oh yes, I began thinking I was painting a sweet moment between nature and human nature.

woman looking at chickadee
"Worthy" Original Painting by Artist, Tina Lawver

In "Worthy", the narrative is so much deeper and speaks to the deep longing to know that we are worthy of moments like this and how important it is to be present and acknowledge this special, once in a lifetime space that may never happen again.

Moments like...raising children. They will never be 3 years, 27 days, 4 hours, and 21 minutes old again. Be present. soak it in. You're worthy to be present and give significance and value to this moment. It'll never be "this moment" again. It's so very precious and so are you.

statue surrounded by magnolia flowers
"Likeness" Painting by Artist, Tina Lawver

As I consider this piece "Likeness", the memory of walking through a cemetery in Georgia. One of those places that the statues on the graves look as though they could come alive at any moment. Not in a creepy way, but in a way that I had the realization that each one was chosen for the relationship of the loved one they were chosen to represent, to be the first impression of the one who would experience it decades and a century after that person had passed on. Leaving a life story and footprint not to be forgotten, a mark was left for us and every time another person (me, that day) walks by and gazes up, a new chapter is written. Shadows of a life lived and a narrative that had impact and mattered. My experience with her resulted in this piece of art.

Art is a vehicle for the voice that results from interactions and experiences that occur in a passing moment and becomes it's own, unique interaction and experience for someone else.

How incredibly special is that?! How this perspective has changed how I view not only the significance of the experiences (even common everyday ones), but the potential of what can come from them.

Artfully Yours,

painting of statue hanging in room setting
"Likeness" painting by Tina Lawver

Both paintings "Likeness" (left) and "Worthy" can be experienced at New Towne Gallery located in Millersburg, OH and are available to be purchased.

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