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"Her Complexity is Beautiful"

A woman with eyes closed, praying, in peace.
"Her Complexity is Beautiful" by Tina Lawver

She began as a simple, straightforward portrait, but, in the process, more happened.

There is more in pattern, depth, and texture.

In the process of living, battling, and overcoming, we gain pattern, depth, and texture and are more than simple and straightforward.

If we are seen, I mean...really seen, there are layers and colors, all together, ....Complex.

We seem one way from a distance, but as one moves closer, more is revealed.

More Complexity

That Complexity is true, it

is real, and it is beautiful.

Yours, Tina

"Her Complexity is Beautiful" (this piece has been collected)

12"x24" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Mixed Media Oil

*High Quality Prints can be ordered on request. 6"x12" print with 1" white border is $55

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