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The New Normal (Ted's Perspective)

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Tina has asked me to from time to time write a blog so I will give it a shot.

It has been a month since I lost my job so I don’t leave the house every day to go to work anymore. I have been looking but no new job yet and I know God will reveal the right one in his timing. From day one of not working in the oilfield, I dove into helping Tina get this website off the ground. It has been a learning curve for both of us and our wonderful niece, Michaela of has been a Godsend in helping us do the hard parts. My perspective has been changing from the first day of this process. You must first know that I have always respected my wife and know that she puts a lot of time and effort into the process of painting and teaching but to see the care and detail she puts into every single aspect of the business has been an eye opener. Tina has a gift of feeling very deeply, something most of us guys don’t get, and when she paints it comes out in her work. I have sat for hours and watched her look at every detail and enhance a painting and even ask God what is missing then listening to His still small voice and making those adjustments. It is fascinating to me. What I had not seen was how when someone buys even something as small as an ornament, she painstakingly writes a note and carefully packages up the piece and prays over it to ask that it will bless the recipient. I have always dabbled in playing with driftwood and making sculptures and such out of the driftwood but since watching Tina I have begun to take more care and consider the recipient. I want each piece to have an impact on the life it touches. We are calling this “new” life we live as The Artful Life at Pigeon Run and we believe that we were created by a very thoughtful creator so we should be thoughtful or mindful of our creations. So when you look at something either Tina or I create and it speaks to you please know that it was most likely created with you in mind. We may not have known your name when creating it but the Creator did.

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