"Remembrance" 8"x 8" Print

"Remembrance" 8"x 8" Print


This is a 8" x 8" print of an original mixed media painting by Tina Lawver


*note of inspiration from the artist

"My husband and I were granted permission to go through an old house next to our property several years ago.  The owner said he hadn't been in there in years and whatever we found we could take.  We found an old box and in it amongst the junk was an old letter from a brother to a sister discussing their memories.  It was precious and a privilege to peek into this moment.  Included in the original artwork is a piece of this letter.  When letter writing was an art and remembering ones gone before us was a sweet topic to discuss.  Poppies have been a symbol of remembering so it seemed fitting to make them the focus of this colorful but peaceful piece."  Tina



This beautiful print shows clearly all of the layers used to give it the depth of meaning communicated in the final product.  


We work with excellent printers to get the best quality print from the original piece.  


This print will come on a foam board and sealed in an acid free clear wrap for protection.  It comes to you ready to frame and is signed by the artist.


This print is 8"x8" Frame not included

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