"There is More"  5" x 7" Print

"There is More" 5" x 7" Print


This is a high quality 5" x 7" print from an original mixed media painting by Tina Lawver


*note of inspiration from the artist


"One day, I was having a dark day,  Everyone has those and, quite often, my therapy for days like those is to get in the process of creating something based on a truth that battles that present condition.  On this dark day, I kept thinking that this too shall pass.  What does that look like?  Notice the girl's innocent, but pained. face on the right as she struggles to see the metamorphisis unfolding on the other side of the darkness.  I created this piece as a reminder to myself and to share with others that there really is more than this present trial and that God works all things together for the good.  There is good...there is more.  Tina"


This beautiful print shows clearly all of the layers used to give it the depth of meaning communicated in the final product.  


We work with excellent printers to get the best quality print from the original piece.  


This print will come on a foam board and sealed in an acid free clear wrap for protection.  It comes to you ready to frame and is signed by the artist.


This print is 5"x7" Frame not included


The original framed painting is available