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My Journal

There is something incredibly special and fresh to me about the moment I pull out a blank canvas or a clean sheet of art paper and place it on my easel.

But, the best part is making that first mark and getting into the process.

One mark leads to the next then that particular stroke informs what comes next and so on. Even though I often begin with a plan and vision, this happens everytime.

I definitely had that experience while engaging with this piece that began with covering the paper in vine charcoal and beginning to erase. I've discovered erasing, editing, and subtraction is one of the most satisfying ways to begin a piece of art.

The removal of what's not needed before the addition of what's required to achieve what I want to say through the art creates that beautiful balance and shift and that tension during the process .

Yes, tension. It's a bit of a beautiful battle between the ugly stages and a thoughtful laying down of paint that makes the magic in that part of the piece. I go back and forth until that moment where I find a peace with the result.

I can't help but find parallels to life while painting. That's just the way my mind works and I'm sharing because I can't believe that I'm the only one out here experiencing this.

1. When we struggle to begin, do we pull out the old, stained, worn out past? or do we look to the future and pull out a fresh clean untouched sheet of paper and make a new mark? I find the choice is mine really. After all God's mercies are new every morning.

Lamentations 3:22-23 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning' great is your faithfulness.

2. Editing (Erasing) what doesn't belong. Getting rid of or releasing what obstacle would block me from getting where I want to go or achieve in a painting speaks the same truth in life. It may be something as strong as a relationship or something as task oriented as just getting that office organized. Edit lovingly and carefully with thought.

3. Be Battle Ready. There is an enemy that doesn't want to see your vision and dream come to life. Be ready for that tension. Have that end goal in mind. That vision doesn't belong to anyone else. It's yours alone and just expect that tension will come for it's a necessary part of the process. Moments of doubt, self doubt, fear. An attitude of overcoming with our vision ahead makes all the difference.

and finally

4. Trust and rejoice in the process. The tug and pull is amazing. Aha moments and discovery never happen unless we are engaged in the process. Creatives know this all too well, but this is also life. Endeavor to show up, awake and aware and engaged.

This is a day that has never been touched....Enjoy the process.

Artfully Yours, Tina

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Updated: May 29, 2022

I am so incredibly excited to be selected as a featured artist for the month of June at the beautiful gallery in Minerva, OH called Market Street Art Spot!

My Hubby and I took off on Saturday to check out the space and I was so taken in by the atmosphere in this gallery, this collection and collaboration of artists, that I totally forgot to take pictures!

I enjoyed meeting Laura Donnelly. What an incredibly friendly and super talented Artist and a member of the cooperative at this creative and inspiring space.

I get to exhibit in the front of the gallery with 3 large walls so I'm in the process of curating the show and creating brand new pieces that will be released just for this special show.

I'm so very inspired to up my game and create from this new inspiration.

New Abstract pieces....New Art Canvas Earring Designs....New Subjects....and New Print Releases!

Exciting things are on the horizon!!

Please plan to visit the Market Street Art Spot anytime, but especially during the month of June and June 10th is an Artist's Reception. There will be so many fun things going on in town that day.

I'd love to see you!


Here's a List of Upcoming Shows and Events and I'm blessed to get to do this!

June 2022 Featured Artist Exhibition for the entire month

Artist Reception, June 10th

Market Street Art Spot, 219 N Market Street, Minerva, OH

Salt Fork Arts & Crafts Festival

August 12th, 13th, 14th

Cambridge City Park

808 Edgeworth Ave

Cambridge, OH

Art A Pallooza

August 20th

Boettler Park, 5300 Massillon Road,

Green, Ohio

Atwood Area Fall Festival

Sept, 30th, Oct.1st, Oct. 2nd

Atwood Lake Park 9500 Lakeview Road NE Mineral City, OH 44656

Christkindl Markt

Nov. 11th & 12th

Canton Museum of Art

1001 Market Avenue North Canton, Ohio 44702

Currently a part of

TuscArts Gallery

207 South Broadway St, New Philadelphia, OH

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  • Writer's pictureTina

You're an artist right? Yes! So, What's the deal with this jewelry? (actual question to me)

I paint collectable paintings that are meant to lift up and inspire. I ,now and then, enjoy painting works for home decor , for residential, and commercial use.

I paint constantly...Art is a big part of my life and how I communicate.

Every once in a while, my work will turn back to me and show another use in the process.

Sometimes, a joyful and surprising thing happens and following the flow of inspiration no longer becomes a choice but like an adventurous path of discovery that I know will lead to a fun and joyous end.

Yes, these little earrings are a part of that.

This is the 4th collection of these Art Canvas Earrings that I've had the joy to create.

With names like "Spring", "Raindrops", "Blooms", and "Roots", we journeyed together and had the best time.

As an artist, I learn a bit more with each collection and creating them gets me into the detail of a painting. The imagery of a small section of a painting where the color converges and the marks make a statement is so engaging.

I have no desire to make jewelry, but wearing and offering these small masterpieces is an art form in itself.

They fulfill my calling with themes of encouragement, of lifting up, and expressing hope.

I can see that they will, now and then, be a path I'll want to follow.

When the mood strikes, when I see a moment in a piece, I can see they may become the next piece I'll want to wear instead of hang on the wall.

To see all of the available Art Canvas Earrings, click here...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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