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  • Tina

Just today, a fellow artist reached out to me and said "I know you are struggling..."

We are followers of each other and we are encouraged by each other's creativity, but we have never met in person.

We cheer each other on with comments and various emojis. Many are the relationships that occur because of social media, responding to images, and the safe distance, hands off "sharing is caring" culture.

To go a step further takes courage and I was a recipient of that today when I heard the ding of the DM notification.

The connectivity of the spirit of people has never ceased to amaze me, but the boldness of a person to reach out and ask is rare.

My immediate thought was "have I been obvious" for whiny is not my typical MO, but then my second thought was....How kind.

Our interaction was short, but meaningful. She had no idea that receiving a word in that moment was special and timely, but what I know is that God knows what you need exactly when you need it and He'll even use someone who you've never met to give you that little lift.



  • Tina

As an Artist living a creative life that carries with it all the obvious definitions and the surface expectations those titles have, I've been amazed and moved again by the unexpected.

When standing before a blank canvas with the seed of an idea, an inspired thought, a word, an image, or maybe even a combination of all of those things, it's the beginning of a journey that I know will end with an image that holds each experience. The hope is that the piece will carry with it a living message. What I can't and don't want to control is how someone will receive and relate to it.

and that's the beauty, the gold, the magic of it all. That's the goodness and what encourages the continuation of this artful life.

"Receiving the Assignment"

(Prints Available)

It's about relationship.

The relationships that have been built are priceless to me.

I am blessed to say that I have several stories like this that I could share. (insert humbled tears here)

I was in a difficult place last Summer. It's my own fault. I was on a track to take on a great challenge, but instead, I made the choice to do something good. I chose good because it was easier, because it made sense. It wasn't a bad choice to open a gallery with several talented artists, but it was off track from the calling on my life.

Just a few months before that, I had done a solo art show at a local gallery that was on the main street of town. Hanging in the window during that show, was "Receiving the Assignment", the painting shown above.

I was standing in the "good" choice mentioned before, the multi artist gallery in an alley with a cool vibe. I remember feeling off that day, but still completely committed to honoring the choice I had made. In the spot strolled this lovely lady who asked, "Is one of you Tina? I said, "that's me!" With tears in her eyes, she shared with me how many times she drove past the window of Love's Gallery on the square to experience that painting. She shared with me what that piece meant to her. She wanted to meet me and see the piece in person.

A great connection that began a wonderful friendship all started with a painting. Really, it all started with a blank canvas and an inspiration.

Monica's journey converged with mine and art was the crossroads.

I could argue that if I hadn't chosen the good choice of being where I was that Summer instead of the great path I'm on now, that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to have that encounter with Monica in the alley that day, but we'll never know for sure.

All I do know for sure is that today is a great day, today is a blank canvas full of potential.

blessings, Tina

prints of "Receiving the Assignment" are available Here

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  • Tina

Can we just stop for a sec and appreciate the beauty of a brushstroke?

Truly, it marks a moment in the creation of a piece.

In this past year, I believe I've been more aware. Aware of so many things, but so much more aware of the absolute truth embedded in a completed piece of art by simply noticing the stroke that the brush leaves on a canvas.

Looking closely, you can notice the layers from background to foreground and see the depth of what may have been happening in the moment that the artist chose the canvas, chose a color, knew this color would make the previous color shine at it's best.

How the darks and the lights would work in concert to create values that make the form begin to appear.

How, during the creation, when the tension came.....The overcoming in that battle is recorded in the finished work.

What seems like imperfection is really an impartation of who the artist is and what the artist was experiencing in that very moment which will never be repeated no matter how hard the artist may try to do it again.


that is priceless.

The artist will never be in that particular space, body, mind, and spirit, expressing as she was in that moment ever again.

I look at this piece and I can't remember exactly what I was thinking in that moment, but all I know is that I was all in, blessed to be present, and creating in truth.

Thanks for being here and hearing my heart.


Original Mixed Media

Oil on Archival Paper


See this piece in more detail HERE

Blessings, Tina

See More Available Works HERE

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