Texture, Layers, Depth... These are just a few of the elements that Tina uses to communicate a visual story that is told through her work. 

Her process has evolved over her 30 years of painting, but has always had a nature as well as a human nature focus exploring what we deeply feel as people balanced with a truth that grounds us.  Her work has an honesty and authenticity that is relatable to the viewer.

As a Mixed Media Artist, She often incorporates everything from collage to oils to create the depth of both the visual and the message, all the while being mindful to create pieces high in craftsmanship with a respect to using archival materials.

Tina's great joy, as an artist, is when someone connects to a piece that began with her inspired story and that collector chooses it to become a part of their life.  She is mindful that these pieces become the backdrop of life's memories and have the potential to become heirloom pieces.  The story never ends.

Creating from her home studio, her works have been shown in gallery shows including the Savannah Art Walk, Savannah, GA.  Her work is in collections in the U.S. and abroad. 

Her works can be experienced currently by, in studio, appointment and TUSC ARTS Cooperative in New Philadelphia, OH


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