Inspirational, Imaginative, and Purpose Driven...These are few words that have been used to describe both the artist and her art.  

Tina Lawver's process, in the creation of abstract realism images, has evolved and matured over her 30 years of painting, but has always had a nature as well as a human nature focus.   The passionate exploration of  what it is to be human balanced with a truth that grounds, this artist's work has an honesty and authenticity that is relatable to and involves the viewer.

As a Mixed Media Artist, She often incorporates everything from collage to oils to create the depth of both the visual experience and the message of each created piece, all the while being mindful to create worthy works, high in craftsmanship, with a respect to using archival materials.

Creating from her home studio, Tina just recently completed a year long mastery program through the Milan Art Institute.  Her art has been shown in galleries and shows including the Savannah Art Walk, Savannah, GA. and is in collections in the U.S. and abroad. 

Tina Lawver's work can be experienced by, in studio, appointment and in the gallery ,TUSC ARTS Cooperative, located in New Philadelphia, OH


The Rent Free Series
Collaboration with
Newpointe Community Church

© Copyright Tina Lawver

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Carol She is Clothed.jpg

Carol M.

"I did everything I could to purchase this piece after connecting with it during an event in our town.  I knew right away that she was mine and created just for me.  Tina worked with me on it and the day she came to install was so meaningful. This piece hangs in a prominent spot in my home and encourages me everyday.   Not only did I have a connection to her art, now I have a new friend in the artist who created it."


Rowlands Commission

"My wife surprised me with an incredible gift, a commissioned painting from our friend, Tina.  She was given artistic freedom and blew my expectations away with her masterpiece we proudly display in our home!"