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  • What is a "commission"?
    A commissioned piece of art begins with a collaboration between the client with a need or vision and the artist who will create the piece. Often, it is to create a special, one of a kind, piece of art for a space to pull it all together through color / theme / subject matter, etc. The commissioned piece can also be connected to a memory, for the purpose of creating a unique heirloom piece, or simply something pretty that the client is drawn to. A commissioned piece is not an artist's copy of someone else's work or design. It is always an original from concept to completion in collaboration with the client. The artist always works within their unique style and voice to create the piece with the client's vision and wishes in mind. The client should be drawn to the artist they choose for a commission for the artist's style and voice based on the artists previous or current works. If you have more questions about collaborating on an original piece of art with Tina Lawver, please contact her at
  • When I choose a piece of artwork, can I purchase in payments?
    I do accept payments through the PayPal system that is set up here on Possession of the chosen artwork remains property of the Artist/Seller until all payments plus shipping arrangements are satisfied.
  • Do you teach art lessons?
    Yes! Leading others into creativity and introducing techniques is a passion of mine and I take great joy in teaching art to anyone who wants to learn and grow in artistic pursuits. *Large Art Workshop Events *Conferences *Studio Sessions in your home / studio *All Skill Levels from beginner to experienced *One on One Coaching / Mentoring It would be my great honor to share with you. Tina
  • Do you create prints of your originals?
    Yes! High quality prints can be created from most any original in limited sizes. If a custom size is requested, a quote will be given.
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