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"In each brushstroke, a story unfolds"

commission a one of a kind piece of art


Rowlands Commission

"My wife surprised me with an incredible gift, a commissioned painting from our friend, Tina.  She was given artistic freedom and blew my expectations away with her masterpiece we proudly display in our home!"
C. Rowlands


Collaborating on a Special piece of Art is a Wonderful Experience for both The Artist and the One who Commissions the Art

"Soaring Together"

Hess Commission

"We already had a few of Tina’s paintings and fell in love with her style and decided we wanted to commission an original painting from her. She came to our home and we talked about our vision.  She also asked us many style and color questions in turn.  The end result is a painting that was beyond expectations and nailed our vision perfectly!  Along with being a great artist she is also a beautiful person!   Thank you for everything!"     R + S Hess

Meet The Artist


Tina Lawver is a professional Artist who began her art journey nearly 35 years ago when she discovered her love of creating images in mixed media.

Her passion for art has grown as she has created and offered her works at shows, exhibitions, and through collaborating with collectors to create one of a kind pieces with deep meaning to the viewer.

Her desire is to explore life as it is, but visually speak to infinite possibilities with her pieces and, above all, tell a divine story.

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