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Art Journal

"In each brushstroke, a story unfolds"

"and now, we wait..."

In the process of this recent piece, my thoughts were of waiting.

Waiting for something wonderful and the patience and nurturing it requires.

The Faithful tending to what we could call the time in between.

I find myself, once again, in between the moment of the conception and the birth.

( Not in the literal sense as I'm a woman in her late 50's) That season has been fulfilled for me.

Whether it's the process of a painting that represents this common human experience or in the midst of the waiting in a circumstance in my own life, I wonder if I do this well and what that means.

Whether this speaks to you about life in between birth and death, a seasonal change, the struggle through an illness, the development of a relationship, or even the beginning of a build or project, we consistently find ourselves waiting.

In the waiting or what I've heard called "the dash", Some observations come to mind...

*To wait well requires faith and trust that the end result will be worth it.

*Waiting is a growing time

*This is a precious time of refinement where, at the end, we won't be the same as when we entered this period

*These seasons are cyclical, they repeat, and with each one, we deal with it a bit better than the previous one.

*Most things are worth the process and the patience that is required of us.

Though, quite often, Trusting the Process and getting excited about what's to come can be the best part. Seasons of being in waiting are necessary and, if we steward them well, finding joy in the midst, it makes the goal even sweeter to experience for the journey to get there wasn't wished away.

There's something to be said for simply being present as we wait.

Whatever you are waiting for in this moment, may you be blessed in the midst of it.

Artfully Yours,

24" x 30"

Mixed Media Oil | Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Original Work by Artist, Tina Lawver

Available Now

Tina Lawver is an professional artist with over 30 years experience in creating original works for homes and public spaces. She works with clients (who become friends) to create archival and worthy pieces through her studio practice as well as commissioned art.

She lives and works in the Atwood Lake region in Ohio in her lake cottage studio along with her husband, Ted.

Follow @tinalawverfineart on Instagram + Tina Lawver - Artist on Facebook for updates on new pieces as well as show and class information.

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A few years ago, a friend invited me to a concert. Amanda Lindsey Cook

She shared a song that changed the intimacy in my relationship with my Creator.

This Painting was created from that moment. Below, I share the lyrics. I'll just leave this with you.

painting by tina lawver abstract house
"House Upon a Hill" Artwork by Artist Tina Lawver

It's quiet

In this house upon a hill

You won't mind it

Some things you can't know 'til you're still

In the silence

Where your spinning thoughts slow down

In the stillness

Things have a way of working out

Allow me to introduce myself again

I'm the One that knew you before time began

And I've been waiting for you to let me be your friend

Everything you ever need is everything I am

I am, I am, I am

Take your chances

There's nothing here to lose

Ask your questions

I promise you the truth

As you're ready

I wanna hear your heart

Is it heavy?

Where wounds have left a mark

Allow me to introduce myself again

And I was with you every place you've ever been

And I'm the One that held you when you couldn't stand

If you're wondering who can heal your brokenness

I can, I can, I can

I'll meet you

In the house upon the hill

How I want to

Show you I am real

Allow me to introduce myself again

I'm the love you used to think could not exist

I'm as sure as where you're standing

And as free as the wind

You don't have to reach for me

'Cause this is where

I am, I am, I am

I am, I am, I am

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Jason Ingram / Amanda Cook / Steffany Gretzinger

House on a Hill lyrics © So Essential Tunes, Bethel Music Publishing, Amanda Lindsey Publishing

artist standing in front of an easel holding paint brushes
Artist, Tina Lawver

Tina Lawver is an Ohio based artist creating archival works with an eternal message.

Find TinaLawverFineArt on Instagram

Tina Lawver - Artist on Facebook


Contact for Commissions and Collaborations on Custom Artwork

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I had a dream I was walking at night. I wouldn't typically do that. The inability to see is a deterrent. Believing there is wonder out there, it was explored through more artistic avenues.

A Luna moth is a vibrant green and one wouldn't think such a creature was created for darkness, but there she is. She's also known as the "American moon moth"

During a nighttime stroll, she encountered a glowing light and briefly interacted with a resident of that place who was drawn to her. This may never reoccur... so we pause. This is "Luna's" story.

She craves adventure, vibrant hues, and light in shadowy corners. Unafraid of the unfamiliar, she eagerly embraces it as exploration fuels her drive. Encountering a pink, Rosy moth is her delightful surprise, revealing shared characteristics. "Rose's" tale

What is consistent with each piece, is that there is a story. In each brushstroke, a story unfolds.

The hope in creating art is that there will be a connection to an image that becomes a reminder of the hope and love and care of how the viewer is valued, an encouragement that there is more, that adventure and discovery is an amazing pursuit. To know that we are created for purpose and how that purpose leads to incredible moments, not just for us, but for those we'll touch as we live it out.

At a fine art show this past weekend, I listened to you as you commented and interacted with the art. I heard "mystical", "spiritual", and "magical"....all words that took me a bit by surprise. As I've evaluated this in the days since, prayed, and asked for guidance on the message of my work, I realize it makes sense. Though I've never sought out to create mystical or magical art and certainly not "spiritual" art as the world might define it, I do see how those descriptions point to a need, a longing, even a desire in the human soul for something more than this temporary world can provide.

I'm reminded how we were created for a much more perfect place, a garden where death, sin, destruction, separation, and strife are non existent. Our souls long for that home and we are always in search of it whether we are conscience of it or not.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says that "He has made everything appropriate in it's time. He has also set eternity in their heart, without the possibility that mankind will find out the work which God has done from the beginning even to the end" (NASB)

Imagine Heaven, the garden, how perfectly beautiful and peace filled and how moments and interactions like these images must be commonplace.

Thank You my Savior, Jesus, for making a way.

Tina Lawver is an Ohio based Artist creating original works for home and public spaces.

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