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"Creating images + spaces that encourage and speak to the spirit of another, is a calling to which I've surrendered"


Approaching each brushstroke with honesty, integrity, with message in mind, Tina has been on a journey to communicate that life is filled with great beauty and infinite possibilities

She thrives as a prolific artist creating original art for residential and public spaces.  Tina enjoys speaking at events, sharing her love of God and how creativity has served her for healing and as a daily wellness practice. 


An instructor and coach, she has a deep desire to share what she has learned and encourages creatives to dream, to dare, and to discover through the process of creating art. 


Collaborating and sharing with others, as a designer, her unique approach to spaces with an artist's perspective has served her clients well in creating a backdrop for doing life.

Really deep diving into the Artful Life and inspiring others is a passion she lives out.

Reach out and Contact Tina to share your vision.  

Collaborations / Commissions

See your vision become a reality as you collaborate with an experienced artist.

For Home / Business / Public Spaces / Events

In this video, Tina was given a directive to artistically communicate for a series on mental health and wellness entitled, "Rent Free"

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