" It is my great joy to create small group classes as well as to coach/mentor creatives in their own journey. 
Being a part of your beginning into a world of creativity and sharing what I've learned over my 30 years of artistic journey, as you move into yours, is big part of my calling as an artist."

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How to Begin?

 Feel free to contact me 

Call/Text - 330*204*9257

E-mail - or fill out the contact form on this website.

I will contact you with information and talk about your creative journey!

Areas to Explore as a Beginner

*Introduction to Acrylic Painting                               (4 Sessions)

*Introduction to Oil Painting                                    (4 Sessions)

*Introduction to Assemblage Art                               (2 Sessions)


"Your Art Journey"     Coaching/Mentoring with Tina

This is a one on one, step by step, journey on the road to your dream of creating beautiful pieces of art.  We start where you are and journey together.


Whether just beginning or you've been creating a while, It would be my pleasure to discuss where you are in your creative journey.

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