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Just today, a fellow artist reached out to me and said "I know you are struggling..."

We are followers of each other and we are encouraged by each other's creativity, but we have never met in person.

We cheer each other on with comments and various emojis. Many are the relationships that occur because of social media, responding to images, and the safe distance, hands off "sharing is caring" culture.

To go a step further takes courage and I was a recipient of that today when I heard the ding of the DM notification.

The connectivity of the spirit of people has never ceased to amaze me, but the boldness of a person to reach out and ask is rare.

My immediate thought was "have I been obvious" for whiny is not my typical MO, but then my second thought was....How kind.

Our interaction was short, but meaningful. She had no idea that receiving a word in that moment was special and timely, but what I know is that God knows what you need exactly when you need it and He'll even use someone who you've never met to give you that little lift.



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