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"A New Wave"

I did a study recently where the subject of art being subjective came up. You like what you like and it's ok that you like it and it doesn't matter if someone else doesn't.

It's the look and feel that you want to add to your home in that special spot. It reminds you that there is more and life has beauty. The colors make you feel calm and it emotes peace as you experience the blending of color and texture.

As an Artist, creating visuals with the goal being that they bring hope and life into a space, I imagine that these pieces become the backdrop to someone's life. It's hanging on the wall in the kitchen behind the table where many meals are shared and people blow out their birthday candles and share special moments that may never happen again.

As I began in this paragraph....As an Artist, there is the art I love to create and there is the art I love to live with.

Over my career and practice, I've created many pieces that I loved the process of. I have loved every brushstroke, mark, and color choice...but when I said "done", I was truly done with it. In the process, it was complete in me and ready to pass on and to be made available as an offering to the one who will make it the backdrop to their memories. I have no attachment....usually.

In this one instance, I've managed to actually create a piece that I would love to live with and it could grace any wall here at the Lakehouse.

There is something very peaceful and moving to me about how the texture interacts with the color. There isn't one shade of blue, but many subtle shades that bring me in as it ministers to my soul.

The marks and lines tell a story of the process of it's coming to completion that makes me smile.

I could live here for a while.

"A New Wave" makes me feel as though there is new hope, fresh energy, and a wash of goodness in what can seem like a very dark world.

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