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An Unexpected Collaboration

The Collector's Perspective.

So, I know you've all seen this piece I created for this Winter Season, Called "Olde Winter"

I had posted a process video in a reel on Instagram @tinalawverfineart about the creation of this magical piece.

and then, I received a text from a sweet Friend who has several of my pieces.

Heidi has such vision and exquisite taste so I know to listen when she comments about one of my pieces.

She had watched the reel and asked if I had the "in process" piece ....She was struck with the undone (in my mind), in process, yet to be completed painting and told me that it reminded her of someone very special in her life.

I was not surprised that Heidi wanted what Heidi wanted so I set on a journey in my files to find the photo of the in process piece that, in her heart, was "finished". I wasn't hopeful for a good result because I had never done this for a collector before and had to resolve in my mind that her vision was sufficient for the connection she felt for the image.

Never, Ever, in my Artful Life, would I ever think of offering ...


This ??????

But, here is the humbling thing...

Heidi shared with me that, unknowingly, I had painted that someone special to her and she caught a glimpse of him in

this snippet of the, in process, piece.

She saw something that gripped her heart that I may have never been able to

intentionally create. A moment, a glint of the eye, a magic that was for her.

Convinced of her vision, I set out to edit the photo for printing and, on faith, sent it to the printer

7 days later, I received the print and, after a bit of hand embellishment, it was ready to deliver to Heidi.

Nervous, I met her and her Husband at the framers and we collaborated on the finished piece.

She had a clear vision about what it should look like, framed, and how it should be finished.

Of course, Heidi was right. In this case, the client, the collector was right.

Because of my relationship with her, we have developed a mutual trust.

Would I have done this for someone else? I'm not sure I would have handed this image to her in the state of process like this if it were not for the relationship.

Heidi blessed me with photos of the framed print in place and I was moved.

Collaboration with the Collector is a joy to me as an Artist.

Those who choose to make my art of part of their story become friends

and artful family members.

When inspiration, vision, and the meaning of a painting all work together to create moments like this, it's priceless to me and means so much to the one who

will live with the image.

A precious story is created and shared. Something about unusual moments like this has an eternal sense to it.

Artfully Yours,


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