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Are You an Art Collector? (of course you are!)

5 Reasons to Collect Original Art

Whether we realize it or not, we actually do collect art. We, in fact, are Art Collectors.

We purchase clothing, cars, homes, accessories, etc...based on how it speaks to us which is essentially an Artful Choice. We want to live with it! We respond to the color, the movement, and how it affects our surroundings. Hey!, we even buy food items in exciting boxes and containers!

The connotation of the term, Art Collector, brings up images of the wealthy, the privileged, those in grand homes, and those with disposable income who can afford to put these meaningful pieces in their spaces.

Though there may be some truth to that, I have found that those who are really active in collecting art, even though they really don't define themselves that way, are people of all backgrounds, financial means, educational achievements, and social status. Art, Original, Amazing Art is so accessible for anyone.

Because of this, I can honestly say that the common denominator boils down to one thing....

That essential thing is ....CONNECTION.

We, as Artists, are inspired and moved to place our hearts on full display for the world to view. We are vulnerable and honest, as we reach out with images that inspire, beautify, and speak life....with the goal of encouraging and lifting up those who view our work, we pray for that connection.

When a deep connection is made from artist to collector, there is a dissolve of excuses and obstacles that prevent someone from making that piece of art theirs because, in their body, mind, and spirit, it was created for them and is theirs already.

5 Reasons to Collect Original Art

#1 Art collectors feel deep emotional connection to their art collection and use it to express and share themselves with others.

Their art collection reminds them of important memories and milestones as art has been used to mark history since the beginning of time.

#2 Art collectors understand that supporting the arts really means supporting those who create for a living so that they can keep making art that can speak to hearts and change the world as it has for centuries. Many Collectors feel a connection with an Artist via style and message and desires that Artist to continue to create. In the early movements of Art, these individuals were called Patrons.

#3 Art Collectors understand that these pieces they connect with become heirlooms and are passed on to their loved ones as part of a meaningful legacy. They remind them of what it meant to their Grandparents etc. and because the art has become part of the background to the memories that were created in their lives, the pieces take on special meaning as they are passed down to the next generation.

#4 Art Collectors simply enjoy adding unique, one of a kind beautiful, works to their life. They become conversation pieces. They love seeing it everyday. They enjoy knowing the artist personally whether they connected with an existing work of art or had a piece commissioned in collaboration with an artist.

#5 Art Collectors LOVE the excitement of the search, the hunt, for that special piece to add to the collection. Like collecting anything from jewelry to antiques, Art Collectors love perusing through galleries and shops to discover that one of a kind piece they connect with. It's just fun and adds joy to life!

There are multitudes of ways that collecting art adds value to ones life. Isn'ti it amazing how beautiful art is more accessible today than it's ever been?! Getting to know artists, personally, is easier than ever! We can know why they do what they do and who they are. It's fascinating to me as I am a collector as well as an artist. These are incredible times as the gap between artist and collector is not as vast as it used to be.

Always Artfully Yours,



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