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Art Communicates

What is fairly consistent about being human and just living life is that we all have dreams and the desire to do something that is deep inside of us that, let's face it, scares us.

Will I be enough? Do I have what it takes? Is this dream really attainable? Could I? Should I dare? I mean, honestly, we compare and say..."Oh, I'm not this person (insert every person you look up to who, in your mind, has "made it") or that's just "their path" and "I could never"....on and on the opposition goes.

These are what I call "shadow statements"

and those statements keep you the shadows and lacking light and life.

But, what if you have a knowing that there is greatness inside of you and you know that if you don't step into the light of who you were created to be, even at the risk of failure, you'll never be fully alive?

She's vulnerable and scared. She has a history that she is overcoming in this moment, she's taking the first step...the step only she can take. Her destiny is on the other side of this fearful step. Her chin is about to lift, her shoulders about to pull back, the light of her destiny about to burn just a bit brighter.

Creation is excited because she's about to take her place in it and there's a sigh of relief because it needs her to do this. Yes, she's finally here.

Our destiny is in the daily steps we take.

The first step is monumental.

This piece is interesting because, to me, she is about that moment when you take the deep breath in, you settle into yourself, take a step of faith and emerge from the shadow into the light that was meant for you.


to so many others, from the comments and feedback I've received, there is something about her eyes that speaks something even deeper to them. A friend of mine called and said "there's something more dramatic happening here"

No matter what she, this image, speaks to you, it's real.

That's the beauty of Art





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