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Artagain Alley

Art display in downtown New Philadelphia Ohio Artagain Alley
Artagain Alley New Philadelphia, Ohio

This past Wednesday, June 28th, a reception was held at AlleyCats Marketplace for the most recent cycle of the Art and Artists chosen to be exhibited in Artagain Alley in downtown New Philadelphia, OH.

I'm so excited to say one of my pieces, "Emulate" was chosen along with some beautiful local artist's work! What an honor to be chosen locally.

When this piece was being created, I was nearing the end of a humbling as well as an empowering experience where I had signed up for a year long art mastery program.

At one point, during a challenging period, I was in a bit of self doubt. We all have defining moments like this. When I look at this piece, it reminds me of that moment.

Others have been where we want to go. Others have been pioneers, trail blazers, and adventurers and have moved away obstacles. They've learned how to do the things that will allow this artist to get the vision that is inspired onto a canvas. The journey from the creative head to the creation is like a dance, a back and forth tension that , once resolved, becomes a piece of art.

"Emulate" shows a bird demonstrating something so easy for a bird to do...."spread your wings and fly" the bird says. "Do it like this"

She believes she can fly in her own way because she sees the evidence of it actually being done. She has a desire to soar and submits herself to the instruction and demonstration of the successful.

She's encouraged as she sees the possibility, raises her arms and soars in her own way using her own creative voice.

This was, in that moment, what I was experiencing and desiring to communicate as an artist submitting herself to a process that others created as a path to seeing my vision come to life in a painting.

I've learned so much through the respect of what others have done and accomplished having been blessed by those who've so willingly shared their skill, knowledge, and experience.

These pioneers have gone before and made it easier for us to trailblaze our own path in our own voice which will make it more accessible to another who has a desire to have their voice heard in new territory.

It's so important to keep trying, to keep learning, and to thrive, not just for ourselves, but for the one who may see what is created and see that they can thrive as well.

Artist Tina Lawver with her painting in Artagain Alley
Artist Tina Lawver pictured with her print of her original painting "Emulate" in Artagain Alley

I am grateful to be an artist and I'm blessed to be able to share with you.

Thank you to the jury who included "Emulate" in this year's Artagain Alley Exhibition.

Thank You for making my art a part of your story.

Yours, Tina

New Philadelphia, OH

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