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Bright, Shiny Objects

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Recently, I completed a series that I entitled "Bright, Shiny Objects" and, as with every piece....there is a story there.

Allow me to share...

Several years ago, I began to notice these creatures, crows/ravens, they fascinate. As with most fascinations, I began to draw and paint them.

We even got to travel to Arizona on vacation and realized that we were a short drive to the South rim of the Grand Canyon, truly, the most intimidating place I've ever stood. That is a story for another time. While we were there, this raven was following people around, most likely waiting for someone to drop a random french fry. I found him so entertaining and saw a personality in him. Inspiration for another painting.

As I was putting out these little paintings and pieces with ravens, people...several, not just a few!...several people would tell me stories about how intelligent these birds are, which made me notice and dig a bit more.

It was true and something I got a bit nerdy about. One of the facts that was interesting to me was that they are attracted to shiny things.

I witnessed a crow playing with a foil gum wrapper. That image stuck with me and, as the brain often does, it created a story and these birds, who often get a bit of a bad wrap, became little characters...the kind you'd like to get to know.

So why the pairing of the ravens and bottles?

While we were visiting out Son, who lives in beautiful Washington State, we all decided to browse some local antique stores.

I do love old bottles and colored glass. I found myself placing them up on tables and in window sills in the light and got some magical photographs. By the time I got back to the studio, I had an entire Pinterest page with so many photos of these little bottles. And the story was further developed.

Why are these birds, full of personality, drawn to the glistening objects?


What if they were so enchanted by something they could not grasp, spread their wings, and take away with them.???? Would they give up the freedom of flight to stay there?

hmmmm, pondering.

These "What if" moments and thoughts have resulted in many meaningful pieces of art and I'm quite sure that will continue.

Artfully Yours,


"Where Nature + Human Nature are divinely intertwined"

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