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Can we just stop for a sec and appreciate the beauty of a brushstroke?

Truly, it marks a moment in the creation of a piece.

In this past year, I believe I've been more aware. Aware of so many things, but so much more aware of the absolute truth embedded in a completed piece of art by simply noticing the stroke that the brush leaves on a canvas.

Looking closely, you can notice the layers from background to foreground and see the depth of what may have been happening in the moment that the artist chose the canvas, chose a color, knew this color would make the previous color shine at it's best.

How the darks and the lights would work in concert to create values that make the form begin to appear.

How, during the creation, when the tension came.....The overcoming in that battle is recorded in the finished work.

What seems like imperfection is really an impartation of who the artist is and what the artist was experiencing in that very moment which will never be repeated no matter how hard the artist may try to do it again.


that is priceless.

The artist will never be in that particular space, body, mind, and spirit, expressing as she was in that moment ever again.

I look at this piece and I can't remember exactly what I was thinking in that moment, but all I know is that I was all in, blessed to be present, and creating in truth.

Thanks for being here and hearing my heart.

Original Mixed Media

Oil on Archival Paper


See this piece in more detail HERE

Blessings, Tina

See More Available Works HERE

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