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Dream and Play

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

So, I kept having dreams. Two dreams that I was painting on denim. I "don't do that" by the way.

When, in my head, I, no, I don't do that... I still couldn't get it out of my heart, so off to find something blue jean to paint on.

I was a little concerned because there's a fine line between cool and tacky, but being obedient, having no peace about doing this, I decided to play.

and play I did!

I had the best time, even when I looked at my very amateur sketch that made me giggle. Pressing on and trusting that I was supposed to keep on going, that's just what I did.

Continuing to play with copper and loving how that was looking against the indigo...not taking this moment too seriously, I found myself having a fabulous time.

JOY took over!

What I learned by just going for it, not really knowing what "IT" was, is that it's ok to let go and just play.

It's ok to do a new thing.

You don't need to have peace and a direction to dive in!

Oh, the power of play, trying a new thing, and no pressure to perform. So Freeing...Life Giving...Authentic!

Giving myself the permission to play is a practice I will do more and more.

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