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Fall, Yes, Fall...aaahhh

Too Soon?

I don't think so!

It's funny, I think about pumpkins and Autumn beginning about the end of July. I mean's on!

I've been sketching so much lately and pumpkins are a favorite subject to explore. In the past few weeks, I've been a bit obsessed.

There are 9 of these sketches available on the website at the moment and who knows?, there may be more before this gets out of my system.

I've thrifted and collected some of the sweetest frames, painted them to highlight these little ink/watercolor pieces beautifully.

What is it about the simplicity of black and white and a fancy frame? Whatever it is, it comes together for sure.

So, I've tucked them into Fall inspired displays, on vintage books, with milk glass, and paired with soft blue canning jars.

Each one has their own look and personality and live together just like a cool pumpkin patch.

Recently, I had taken an old corner cabinet that was painted a blue/gray color and sanded that baby down to reveal the wood tones.

I'm finding the unpredictable patterns in the cabinet finish with the dark frames and the delicate sketches are living together so well!

I'm even thinking some softer orange pieces on vintage paper as well as a print of "Receiving the Assignment" (the raven) in a frame could be a great addition.

I'll be heading outside to cut a few branches from the apple tree to add. ( I like the texture of those branches.)

What is it about just this though?

Super simple

My Favorite Aesthetic


Lots and Lots of Natural Elements.

I'll be outside gathering sticks and such

Happy Fall Inspired Decorating!

Blessings, Tina

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