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Homemade Watercolor Tutorial

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I've always been creative, mostly a builder. As I've discussed before, I created with found, sticks, and mud and being resourceful to satisfy the maker's pull for as long as I can remember.

Part of my story has been about seeing everyday items as art supplies often before I see it as it's intended use.

Being challenged recently to #shareyourknowledge, an online challenge to share just a bit of knowledge that may be of use to someone, I went back to those resourceful roots.

One never has to look far in order find materials that will help you make a creative mark.

For this challenge, I shared about taking items from home and making watercolor inspired paints that will color and stain paper.

Here, you can see the skin of a red onion that has been steeped in hot water (right) for an hour. The longer it sits, the stronger the color.

I gathered a variety of items including...

*orange peel

*black tea bag

*orange flavored tea bag

*strong coffee from that morning

and began to play

I even found an old orange marker that no longer worked, broke it open and pulled out the long sponge in the center. By putting it in a plastic cup and adding rubbing alcohol, I was able to create an alcohol ink type product.

If you have an ink pen that no longer works, you could do the same thing and create an actual alcohol ink.

By just taking a porous paper that I had on hand and drawing a simple flower shape in pen or pencil, then dripping and staining on top of that and allowing the colors to do what they do and dry, things got beautiful.

These papers took on more interest as color met color, puddling of fluid dried a bit deeper, interacted with the drawing and became.

I hope you'll be encouraged to play in this way and be blessed by the process, create a frameable piece, or create a note for someone who may need it right now.

You can see my full tutorial and #shareyourknowledge on @tinalawvercreative on Insta gram in my highlighted stories.


*containers- bowls, plastic cups, etc

*paper - old vintage paper, copy paper, art paper, etc

*onion skins, teas, coffee, instant coffee, old markers, sharpies, pencils, old ink pens, old makeup, Jello...anything in your cupboard that may release color in hot water or alcohol.

1. Go on the hunt and experiment with materials you find

2. This can get messy so cover your surface.

3. Create your colors by soaking them in boiling water for some, rubbing alcohol or vinegar for markers and inks.

4. Gather paper and create a drawing, tracing, or why not print something from your computer to stain over. There are many free downloads online from giving creatives.

5. Play by painting, dripping, drizzling....Allow to dry and go back and do it again until you achieve what pleases you.

6. You can also add a finishing touch with a drop of essential oil, a spritz of perfume, or go with that yummy coffee smell.

This technique can be used to create stationary and/or art. Keep, frame, gift and get those kiddos involved especially during this time.

What potential for a wonderful memory making moment for you and your family.

Thank you for reading and blessings to you.



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