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I Married a Dreamer

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Today is my amazing Husband's birthday.

Ted began as a sweet supportive friend my freshman year of high school. He was that guy, voted wittiest, nicest smile, and the guy everyone wanted to be their friend. He still is.

As you can read on our story page on this website, Ted and I have had quite a journey. We live an incredibly grateful life. We've had a life of living in plenty and seasons of living with very little. In every

season, we've experienced provision...

God is faithful.

We've experienced intense pain and overwhelming joy. In each instance, we know we've been held...again, God is faithful.

We've had moments of crazy foolishness and paid the price and, at times, we've been blessed with wisdom that saved us from consequences.

We are not perfect, but we are His. Our story has messy chapters, but it's been redeemed and has become a good read. ( more on that in the future as well)

I'm so very grateful today, and everyday, that I've been blessed with this great man with whom I get to share my life and I know he feels the same way about me.

He has wild, out of my comfort zone ideas and dreams. He may be a more daring dreamer than I am!

It was Ted who wanted to buy this old house. It was Ted who walked into our pole barn garage and said, "This is your studio". It was Ted who said.."Let's move everything upstairs and turn this lower level into our Gallery / Shoppe" (who knows when it'll actually be a thing...but it will)

It was he who said, "yes, you can do a solo show", "you need to go to Gathering of Artisans", "yes you can be a featured artist at the Savannah Art Walk" He is always saying "Yes, you got this!"

When I received the word several years ago that I was to Live where I work and work where I live, it was Ted who pointed out that I was being disobedient to my calling by doing anything else. "Stop it!"

It's Ted who says "you can do it!", "you're enough", "I'll be right beside you"

There isn't a gift that would express my gratitude for him (friendship, love, laughter, support) for his birthday for he is a gift to me everyday.

As much as I have no issue bragging on him, I know how sappy this must sound. Another thing Ted would say and I would echo it and stand with him in total agreement is that our relationship is just real with all it's ups and downs, it is a good Father who holds us together.

Blessings to you, Tina

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