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Trust The Process

This phrase, Trust the Process, has become a theme. As an artist, a creative soul, and certainly as a human being, I find that this action applies to and bleeds into so many areas of my life.

As you begin to journey with me here, you'll find it referred to over and over.

There are times, as I look back on roles I've had, that if I'd learned that life itself is the process, I believe I'd have been a more patient student, daughter, wife, and Momma.

Just like a painting comes to completion through a process, so it relates to life.

There is

inspiration, a vision

a first step

a bold move toward that vision

Often and I would say, nearly always, for me.....There's a roadblock, a stopping point, even an ugly stage.

There, I find, is often a wall where my vision comes face to face with whether or not I'm skilled enough or equipped to pull it off. That is where the trust comes in.

It's at that moment, where a choice needs to be made. We quit...We scrap the piece, paint over it, go a different direction, or just stop entirely. OR we trust...We step back, remember the inspiration, the vision that began it all, learn something new, and press in to journeying and trusting through the process.

Quitting and scrapping just stops us. We don't learn because we aren't challenged to grow...we gain nothing.

But!!...When we trust that the inspiration and vision has meaning not just for us, but for someone else, we gain everything through that journey. I find the completion of one journey often informs and leads to the next one.

So it is the vision, the why, that got this journey on it's way that carries me through it and motivates me to finish strong.

Trusting the Process and knowing it's worth it is an Overcomer's state of being.



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