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Roar!! Grit, Grace, and how Art is often like Life.

Have you ever set aside all or some of the things, the life things, the things that people count on you for, the things you typically take care of, and move something into those margins that you know is vital for your growth as a human being?

That is what this year and this art mastery journey is for me. I'm only a few weeks on this path and I find myself having moments of discouragement as I'm breaking off old habits, moments of stumbling as what ground I've stood on for decades creatively, has shown itself to be not quite as stable in this new season of stretching.

I'm also experiencing moments of victory and joy and know, in the depths of my soul, that these moments could only be experienced on this unique path.

Many of us, for whatever reason...obvious or not, are in a season of struggle where grit is required.

Grit....Courage and resolve; strength of character.

I know, from the outside, I'm not doing anything courageous like laying my life on the line, but courage comes in all forms and it takes courage to put what you know and have relied on in order to move into a journey of standing on new ground....foreign territory.

I find myself putting my palm to my head as I realize that what I know won't work here and I'm reminded of all the times I prayed for God to increase my territory....Was I thinking that this new territory would be familiar and wouldn't require something new to live in it?

That's where Grace comes in

Grace...the free and unmerited favor of God

This new season, going deeper into this area of communication and stretching the boundaries and trusting the process requires both Grit of a don't quit character developed in the old land and Grace in the process living in this new land.

Trust the Process, be uncomfortable, embrace the unfamiliar, expect that the unknown will challenge you......and know that the process has it's ugly moments.

Grit, Character will get you there...Grace will keep you there and get you through to victory.

All the while....know there is a reason for each step in the journey

and know that the journey is worth it.

Artfully Yours,


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