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"The Holdout"

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Winter is coming. Just step outside, take in a deep may decide that Winter is actually here.

My family always had hummingbird feeders up in the Summer. We dislike the idea of taking them down in late September, but know that we must because the hummingbirds must go wherever they go before the freeze.

I was taking my feeders down a few weeks ago and had this thought...

The warmth is leaving. The comfort of the sun will soon be masked by gray days only giving us peeks at it's brilliance to keep us going.

I see Summer collecting in bubbles of light and moving on?

For our own good, we (much like the Hummingbirds) must change with the seasons.

They move on as we move inside.

We aren't designed for this atmosphere, at least, I'm not

In this painting, "The Holdout", a loving, but forceful, soul is saying..."it's time to go...for your own good, it's time to go"


sometimes, we are stubborn and settled in because it's familiar and there is sustenance here.

Have you ever stayed too long?

In a job, a relationship, a friendship?

Have you been stuck too long in a mindset, unhealthy habits, a lifestyle?

I am blessed to have carefully curated people in my life whose wisdom comes from above and their grounding is strong and true. They communicate in love, they have my best interests at heart, and care more about where I'm going than where I am. This has been a catalyst for growth as I've moved from one season to another.

I am blessed to have a Husband who is that person, and a small group of women who are those people. One of those women, I've know since the age of 14.

When I'm tempted to stay too long in the familiar, when I get my heels dug in, when I get comfortable and a bit stubborn, when I am "The Holdout", they help me move.

I thank God for my people.



*"The Holdout" is an original mixed media oil painting by Tina Lawver and is available for purchase.


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