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Why Post Undone Paintings?

I'm getting ready to come and participate in the Annual Artful Blooms Garden Tour in Historic Zoar, OH and I'm spending lots of time in the studio.

(Check out the flyer at the bottom of this post for more details)

So I've been posting a lot of, in process, pieces of art and I do get asked now and then Why? Why do you post undone paintings?

Over the course of my art career, even before I even considered what I do a "career", I have really enjoyed posting paintings while they are still in process.

I adore the feeling of beginning a piece. Tearing into the plastic that surrounds a canvas, squeezing paint from the tubes onto the palette, choosing those weapons of war otherwise known as paintbrushes and mark making absolute favorite moment....Yes, putting that first directional mark on the canvas.

I typically have an idea in mind when that first mark is left and it begins, the journey of blank canvas to refined form is my passion, even more so than when the final details make the piece reach it's finale. This is often the reason that I can have up to 4 paintings in process all at one time.

I've posted so much on Instagram, Facebook, and in stories and reels about these processes because I get so excited to share this moment with you.

I want you to be as excited as I am about how each mark, brushstroke, and color, all of those elements of art work together to create a piece that speaks encouragement, power, life!

What speaks at the end of the process is the culmination of layers represented by moments that happened in the process of creating.

Though the end result is the goal, the execution during the journey of the process is where it all happens. I receive inspiration and release it back and am taught and grow with each layer and I am grateful to just be a part of it all.

Please join me to see some of these end results along with so many wonderful local artists who will be displaying their work at Artful Blooms Garden Tour in Historic Zoar Ohio June 19th 11-4

I hope to see you there!

Artfully Yours, Tina

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