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Wonder + Worth

Wellness through Creativity Painting Workshop at The Boma Barn hosted by The Bohemian Mama

Several years ago, I had the blessing of an encounter with this wonderful woman when we both were participating in the same event. It was a brief and passing hello and how are you? that sparked a growing friendship that has become quite significant in this artist's journey.

We both "knew" in that moment that there was a connection.

Vivian, and her creative and wonderful husband, Brian, have risked to share their vision and their life's mission in collaborating with people with like values and goals in creating events and opportunities that really is simply rooted in loving and serving others.

Because my Husband, Ted, and I know this authentic and beautiful couple, we are better people for it. There are many who can testify to the same.

As a result of this friendship and collaboration, we teamed up to create 2 events this Spring that were beyond what we could have imagined and was evidence to us what God, the great Creator, can do with 2 sold out women who are willing to simply show up.

With Vivian's heart being wellness through creating amazing natural products that serve us everyday along with my heart to awaken the wonder in us through creativity, these workshops were so rich and full. A platform, yes, to share our heart's and mission, but for the over 40 people who were there to participate, I know that both of us would say that we received more than we gave.

Thank You to Vivian (The Bohemian Mama) for this incredible opportunity.

I've been unpacking and processing these significant moments and I truly have yet to put words to how I've grown as an artist and stretched as a person. The people I've had the privilege to meet in this, quite frankly at times, intimate moments where we shared tears, feelings, victories, and moments of breakthrough and overcoming....I will cherish eternally.

I am completely convinced now that we "think" we are showing up to learn and make art, but there is an undercurrent of beauty and healing that lives far beyond the surface that is transformational.

Art supplies are inanimate objects.

Nothing happens until you interact with them.


This I say all the time.

I believe it.


Sharing Creativity with others has become such a passion and I live for those "aha moments" where someone discovers the creative in themselves.

All the beautiful guests were so deep in their process. Whatever we are in any other role, in that moment, we were all Artists.

Please check out the beautiful Boma Barn on Instagram and The Bohemian Mama, her products have been life giving for us! AND the yummy for the eyes and to taste, grazing board by Cece Norcom

Look at just a few of these amazing works!

Thank You doesn't cover the gratitude I feel for ALL of you for allowing me to lead you through this creative practice and trusting us with your precious time.

Blessings to You + Artfully Yours,


(Tina is available for Art Events, Team building, Coaching, and Commissions for residential/commercial artwork. If you are interesting in getting started in your pursuit of making art or going deeper in to your journey as an artist/creative, please feel free to contact Tina)

Thank You for Making My Art a Part of Your Story,

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