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Words and Sketches

I've been an avid and enthusiastic journal writer since childhood.

Even the moments where I'd open to the next page, empty and filled with clean, blank potential and I'd write down a single word or a personal phrase, I considered even that brief activity an official entry in this recording of the day.

Still do

Several years ago, a shift from words an phrases turned into doodles and drawings.

The words that I used to release onto a page became a visual of feelings and thoughts that released something back to me.

This has become an activity and habit that is truly healing and, quite often, like a seed that is planted and grows in meaning and value. Many of these little entries have grown into paintings and they themselves have evolved to have deep meaning to someone else.

In this daily practice, I've learned that everything we do in the daily has the potential to become something bigger and more important than what we could ever imagine as we are routinely doing our thing in that moment.

So, are our habits important? Is our routine simply routine?

or is there more?

Make a mark today no matter how small. It may grow to feed and heal another in a big way.

Blessings, Tina

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