This book is a collection of stories that began as an outlet of journaling during the time the author's big brother and one of his heroes was at the end of his life.  Ted was feeling such loss and was having a difficult time understanding and processing his feelings.  Writing was a healthy way of doing this.  Ted began to notice a beautiful thread in each story he wrote....that God was there all along.  Through each happy, humorous, and sometimes sad circumstance, God was moving and the peace and healing this gave, was share worthy.

  This is not your typical Christian Devo yet it is a real sharing from a regular, hard working guy's guy who is admittedly flawed, but is grateful to be a much loved child of God.

Hindsight is an authentic and genuine sharing of the author's heart during one of the most vulnerable times in his life.

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About The Author

Ted Lawver has had a writer's heart since he was a child.  He's always loved a good story.  Growing up in rural Ohio along a river road with 3 brothers and a strong Mom, there were many good stories that happened that were just life.  Experiencing them in the moment, they became memories.  Reflecting on those memories, in hindsight,  they have become the milestones for and building blocks to building his faith.  

Ted is a regular guy, a hard worker, Husband, to his High School Sweetheart, Artist, Tina Lawver.  He is a Father of 2, Grandfather of 3, and Friend to many.  He leads a small group for men and, although he considers himself "incredibly flawed", he has a relationship with Christ that is raw and genuine.  

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