A little about Us

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I'm one of "those" people.  From the time I was little, I had to create something everyday.  I, to this day, wake up in the morning with at least one (often more) creative thoughts in my head.  Only in the past 10 years, have I learned that it's not a distraction from practical life....it's a gift, a blessing and a true privilege.

I thrive on...

faith*family*painting*home decor*teaching*projects*learning

I grew up in rural Ohio and I love this part of the country.  The seasonal changes are inspiring and has informed my creativity since I was a child building structures in the woods and using rocks, sticks, and mud as art supplies.  One could definitely say that I'm "self-taught" even though I've sat in the presence of artists and creatives who've been so generous to bless me with their knowledge and skill. 

I consider being aware and open, allowing learning to be switched to "on" all the time, my best education. 

Never knowing that art schools even existed growing up,  I pursued practical vocations and was left hollow.  I succumbed to the fact that I was created to create and here we are today.  A life long learner, I've studied and increased skill through various sources, art communities and in the past few years with The Gathering of Artisans in Asheville, NC. ,art retreats and inspirational escapes to Savannah, GA. and most any beach.  I'm currently furthering my art education by diving deeper as a student through the Milan Art Institute.

 I met Ted, the love of my life, when I was 15 years old and he became my best friend.  We married 2 days after I turned 18 and, this year, we'll thank God for 38 years of marriage and  he is still my best friend.  We have a testimony of grace which we share happily with others. We have two grown children and 3 beautiful Grandbabes. We live in an 1844 renovated church/school house and work in our studio on the property.   We always dreamed of buying an old place full of character and we love this spot.  We giggle because we've discovered that the only thing that works in an old house is you.  There is always a project.  


Ted is a writer, creative, and we love being together. We enjoy our life, our family and our grandchildren have become our very best teachers.





 I communicate in several mediums including acrylic, oil, assemblage, and even carving driftwood.  Subjects most often relate to our human experiences in everyday life. From conception to completion, seeking to journey through and trust the process in creating each piece. 

"Trust The Process"

The statement, “trust the process” is actually the process I share, create, and teach others in authenticity. 

Art doesn't have to be "perfect", it just has to be honest.  

 Being fully present in the moment while journeying through a piece of art is even more valuable than the end result.  All that is learned and gained and resolved during the process is so precious.

 The opportunity to encourage others on their journey is so motivating.  I especially love when someone connects with a piece in a personal way. 

(please read the testimonials) 

I've had the honor to be featured and to speak about my work in several exhibits including locally at Love's Gallery with the presentation, "In the Natural" as well as serving as featured artist at the Savannah Art Walk in Savannah Georgia with the presentation "This Makes a Life".

The Future

Now, we are enjoying working on our project of creating our home gallery.  I'm meant to live where I work and work where I live for creativity is a common thread through every role I have and each part is enhanced by that.

Thank you for following our journey.  You are now a part of it.