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This guy, who didn't know he was a writer, and this woman, who didn't know she was an artist, met at a very young age, fell in love, got married, and grew up together...growing pains and all.


Here's a bit about us...

I (Tina) grew up in rural Ohio and I love this part of the country.  The seasonal changes are inspiring and have informed my creativity since I was a child building structures in the woods and using rocks, sticks, and mud as art supplies.  One could definitely say that I'm "self-taught" even though I've sat in the presence of artists and creatives who've been so generous to bless me with their knowledge and skill. 

I consider being aware and open, allowing learning to be switched to "on" all the time, my best education. 

Never knowing that art schools even existed growing up,  I pursued "practical" vocations and was left hollow and unfulfilled.  I succumbed to the fact that I was created to create and here we are today.  A life long learner, I've studied and increased skill through various sources, art communities and in the past few years with The Gathering of Artisans in Asheville, NC. ,art retreats and inspirational escapes to Savannah, GA. and most any beach.  I've recently completed a year long Mastery course as a student through the Milan Art Institute.

 I met Ted, the love of my life, when I was 15 years old and he became my best friend. 


Ted grew up on a river road that connected 2 small towns. Much of his writings are about memories made and lessons learned on that road.  We married 2 days after I turned 18 and, this year, we thank God for 39 years of marriage and  he is still my best friend.  We have a testimony of grace which we share, happily, with others.

We have 2 grown children and 3 beautiful Grandbabes.


We've made a huge life change!  We just moved from a 2400 sq ft home into a tiny home with an inspiring lake view and 780 sq ft of living space.   We are very excited for this new chapter.  I invite you to follow along on Instagram @TinaLawverCreative and Facebook Tina Lawver - Artist as we journey together.

Ted, my Hubby, is a writer, creative, and we love being together. We enjoy our life and we've found that our family and our grandchildren have become our very best teachers without a doubt.






Tina's Philosophy on Creativity

   "Trust The Process and Just make a Mark"

Art doesn't have to be "perfect", it just has to be honest.

 Being fully present in the moment while journeying through a piece of art is even more valuable than the end result.  All that is learned and gained and resolved during the process is so precious, BUT I love leading creatives in exploring and growing as artists and have witnessed even beginners create worthy pieces of art.

 The opportunity to encourage others on their journey is so motivating.  I especially love when someone connects with a piece in a personal way. 

(please read the testimonials) 

I've had the honor to be featured and to speak about my work in several exhibits including Love's Gallery with the presentation, "In the Natural" as well as serving as featured artist at the Savannah Art Walk in Savannah Georgia with the presentation "This Makes a Life".  The Market Street Art Spot (Featured Artist, June 2022), Tuscarawas Performing Arts Center Exhibition (Sept-Oct, 2022)

Thank you for following our journey.  You are now a part of it.

Ted and Tina
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Ted and Tina
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 Inspirational, Imaginative, and Purpose Driven...These are few words that have been used to describe both the Artist and her art.  Tina Lawver's process, in the creation of "abstract realism" images, has evolved and matured over her 30 years of painting, but has always had a nature as well as a human nature focus.   The passionate exploration of  what it is to be human balanced with grounding truth, this artist's work has an honesty and authenticity that is relatable to and involves the viewer.  As a Mixed Media Artist, She often incorporates everything from collage to oils to create the depth of both the visual experience and the message of each created piece, all the while being mindful to create worthy works, high in craftsmanship, with a respect to using archival materials.
Creating from her home studio, Tina just recently completed a year long mastery program through the Milan Art Institute.  Her art has been shown in galleries and shows including the Savannah Art Walk, Savannah, GA. and is in collections in the U.S. and abroad. Tina's work can be experienced by, in studio, appointment and in the gallery ,TUSC ARTS Cooperative, located in New Philadelphia, OH               Contact Tina here

Artist, Tina Lawver