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Adonai El Roi (the God Who Sees Me)

What a year it has been...

What a minimal statement that is considering the maximum heaviness that the circumstances of this year has brought about.

No matter what your own personal experiences have been, I believe we can all say that we've had some shared emotions, cares, and burdens.

To name a few, we've experienced loss, isolation, fear of a new thing, unexpected challenge, strife, uncertainty and many are grieving...Grieving everything from the "normal" life they once had to grieving the loss of loved ones.

2020 had us plunge into new depths of emotions and dig into deeper depths of faith.

Though there is a shared experience, my heart aches for those who feel utterly and completely alone.

I must admit that I, often times, have experienced true loneliness in this past year. Loneliness, not in the sense that I didn't have others in my presence or that I haven't truly felt the presence of a loving God, but real and authentic moments, alone, with intense grief and sadness that I could not express nor explain believing the effort to do so would be futile for surely no other human could understand this inner sadness. There seemed to be no descriptive words to accurately express what was being felt and, in comparison to what I know others are going through, it didn't measure up.

I realize that, Yes, the world is moving through a dark time collectively, but also this dark time is very personal and it's unique to each soul traveling through it.

As an Artist, I've come to realize that some pieces of art that manifest are just created in the Spirit at that moment for a future time.

I had this revelation about this piece as I sat on the sofa last night texting back and forth with my daughter. For her Christmas gift, she chose a pillow with this image printed on it and I wonder if she knew the story and how it was her story in this past year. It was, personally, a rough one for her.

The original painting, created at the end of last year, hangs on my wall waiting for it's forever home.

I was reminded of the process of creating this piece, entitled "LONELY SONG", and the message of hope behind her.....

....No matter what our feelings are telling us, no matter the circumstance, even though we may feel like we are moving through a season like a shadow, all alone, that no one sees because no one knows the personal struggle, the truth is that there is beauty still growing around us and a loving God is using it to grow beauty through us.

It's not for nothing and we are seen...we really are.

No explanation is needed

Adonai El Roi is my Lonely Song...........The God Who Sees Me

The beauty being created around us, in us, and through us is fruit for the year to come. I believe it!

No matter how we are feeling and dealing in this season, we are strong and growing stronger.

In this and every season, there is growth and beauty and you are seen and you are part of the beauty.

Blessings, Tina

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