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Doing a New Thing (The spark that started the Abstract Canvas Earrings)

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Throughout my journey as a creative, much of my process has been basically what I call "Play" Yes, I often begin with gathering supplies and just playing. As I've grown as an artist, I've done this more intentionally for in the midst of this playtime, freedom, asking the Holy Spirit what to do next, and simply making marks and combining colors....Art happens.

This is the process I most often use to create backgrounds. Well in recent years, clients have been communicating how those backgrounds are resonating with them. In listening to them, I began, this past year to really pay attention and develop more skill and confidence as my process in play became much more intentional. My goal is always to create what resonates with people for connection is the authenticity behind what I do. (more about that later)

Recently, I was in the studio and I began to organize. There was a stack forming of canvases with some abstract backgrounds and stand alone pieces, as well as some demonstration pieces for workshops. I had hung onto those because in the midst of these pieces, there's almost always a moment where magic happens, it may be a square inch where color meets color and texture is so interesting and I couldn't recreate it if I tried.

So, my thought was that I would find those magical moments, cut them down into standard frameable pieces and offer them as smaller works so that I wouldn't need to keep a stack of pieces taking up valuable studio space.

It was in this moment that the spark happened!!! I am not a jewelry maker. Even though I love unique jewelry and have made it for myself in the past, I never pursued it as a part of what I do. But, it occurred to me that I had a stash of jewelry findings in a box hidden away.

It was in that moment that I saw a new way to preserve and show those unique magical moments where the color, texture, and voice of a painting can be showcased.

I love wearable art! Whether it's a divinely designed t-shirt, jacket, or (my favorite) a handbag.....I'm a sucker for it every time.

The message of all of this in the moment, in the process came to me like a flood!

One of a Kind....Just like You!! No 2 pieces could possibly ever be the same. Each piece incredibly unique with it's own personality and message.

This got me so excited about creating more!!! Thinking about shapes and finishes and Interacting with the pieces and naming them!

What has been born here is something that has injected a new energy in my process and play as a creative.

Abstract Canvas Earrings

One of a Kind...Just like You

Each piece is created from an original abstract by Tina Lawver. Each creation is skillfully cut and assembled to showcase a special moment where color and texture communicate beauty then named after artist language, terms, and inspiration. ("Painter" at right)

Thank you for hearing my heart about these special creations.

Yours, Tina

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