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Commissioned Art: Collaborate with an Artist and Tell Your Story Through Artwork

This is one of my favorite days. I Love the beginnings and I Love the day that final elements are added to a piece and I, as Bob Ross used to say, "call this one done"

Not that the process isn't thrilling, but it must be how a writer feels when they type in...the end.

It's the moment the story has been traveled through and the destination is reached.

Today is that day!

I had a thought that maybe it would be a good time to talk about the mysterious world of Commissioned Art.

It only occurred to me in recent days that there is a bit of a stigma about reaching out to an Artist and sharing a vision, inspiration, or story in order to collaborate and have them create a special piece for you, or a loved one, or for a particular place in your home or business.

So, this is my attempt at answering some of those questions and dispelling some myths.

What is Commissioned Art?

First of all, allow me to say What it's Not. It's not just for the wealthy and the elite. It may scream extravagance, but can we just say NO to that right now?! In my 35 plus years of painting, which actually began painting for others, I've had the pleasure in serving so many people in many stages of life, income, and status.

I've also spoken to people who, regardless of those achievements, still felt a resistance or that "it's out of my league" (so to say) to ask a professional artist to create something personal for them and I've watched them settle for an empty wall or a mass produced piece they somewhat connect with that fits. It's ok, but having this experience is a bit extra and richer in many ways.

There I said's about a few perspectives, in this artist's humble opinion, it's a mindset.

*Do I deserve this?

*Is my story worth sharing?

*Who do I think I am having an artist create something for me?

*What will others think?

Thankfully, I create commissions quite often with those souls where these thoughts are not an issue, but I want to love on those too, who quite possibly feel they aren't deserving, worthy, or that this route is above them. Lovingly, these statements are lies my friends and often roadblocks to making your home sing with a one of a kind piece of art and having the experience of working with an Artist who's heart is rooted in working with you to tell the story of that home, of you, and this moment.

Now that we have been given permission to count ourselves worthy,

Let's leave this here and move on.

What is a Commission?

Commissioned Art, very simply stated, is a one of a kind piece of art resulting from a relational collaboration between the receiver and the creator.

To the right, there are several examples of pieces that have been commissioned and I've had the honor to participate in creating the pieces you see here.

Some Types of Collaborations...

*A Prayer Painting | "light of Peace" (upper left) where the client met with me, shared her vision in their newly built home, and then trusted me to pray and create a large 48"x60" oil painting for their home and family.

*A piece inspired by an environment | "Cocktails" (upper middle) A Wife commissioned this piece for her Husband for Christmas. She shared how inspired he was by the atmosphere in a restaurant they frequent and how he loved the artwork there. I took inspiration and created a custom piece and she surprised him with it.

*A Pet Painting | "Daisy" (upper right) Also a gift from a Husband to his Wife of their

great dane puppy

*A Public Space Painting | "Harmonious" (lower left) This painting was one in a series of 6 paintings commissioned by a large church. One for each of it's campus's to be displayed during a teaching series on mental health and wellness. These were created on paper and professionally framed.

*A Personal Moment Painting | "I Love U". (lower middle) This, as in all collaborations, was so special. This long time married couple both had this photo from their dating years on their phone and wanted it interpreted into a painting. He surprised his Love with it.

*An "In Process" Piece, Claimed | "Her Complexity is Beautiful" (lower right) I often post pieces in process on social media, this incomplete piece was seen by someone who saw her story in it and claimed it by saying that she wanted to be the first to know when it was done. It now hangs in her office to encourage her as she works.

*Painted Furniture + Accessories

*Wall Murals

*Painted Accents

I List some of the paintings and projects that I've created here to share that the sky's the limit when it comes to a commissioned piece of art. There's no category, story, or subject matter off the table as long as the artist agrees. This is why "Choosing the Right Artist for You" is an upcoming journal entry.

The bottom line on this, the first journal entry about commissioning a painting, is that ...

Art and Commissioned Art is for everyone! Whether it's for your home, your business, for a gift, for a landmark moment, or just because you like cats (LOL), you can work with an artist to have the art that you want.

Look for upcoming Journal Entries relating to this...

*Choosing the Right Artist for You" The best fit

*Commission Costs" Understanding the Value

Looking forward to it!

Artfully Yours,

"In each brushstroke, a story unfolds"

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