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All Stories are Divine Stories.

35 years ago, I was a young Momma, madly in love with those babies and their Father, on the surface, doing ok. What most everyone in my life didn't know is that I was horribly broken.

My heart, body, + mind....broken and my spirit, listening to voices that meant me harm.

Sadness would overtake me. Tangible feelings of unworthyness would lead me and place me on, seemingly, safe paths. No risk, just managing what I had for fear of losing it all.

photo booth picture of Mother with 2 children

Doing everything I could to hold life together without the skills, guidance, and faith to do it. I did my best as I was and made all the mistakes. Mistakes in Love, but mistakes just the same with consequences that we don't get rescued from having to deal with.

If I could speak to young Tina now, I would tell her to find community. I would say to find women of faith + ask them to mentor, teach, + guide her. I would say release pride and be don't have to pretend you're ok.

Find a wise mentor to teach this young novice how to be a Wife, a Mom, a Friend, a woman of Valor and Courage. Tell her why she's worthy, Tell her how important these years are as a Mom and how very quickly they slip away, never to be lived again.

I would ask God to Give her ears to listen and a heart to receive. For her to be so teachable. I would ask for Truth and Transformation and a Renewing of her mind.

I would share with her how precious she is to God and that He has a beautiful plan for her life.

I would tell her that her story matters and that her story is valuable and that failure is not defining, but a teachable moment and that her overcoming is a part of that beautiful story.

Occasionally, I grieve her as she was so lost so early and I look back and see how these beautiful young children were used to save her. I also celebrate her for she's grown + is still growing in all those areas.

She was me. She IS me. A part of me that informs a story of overcoming that I seem to only be able to express through art.

woman with bird on shoulder art by Tina Lawver
"Worthy" , by Artist, Tina Lawver

I've come to value stories.

From the beginnings, the messy middles, and the victorious conclusions. I've come to realize that LOVE is a connector, that GOD created us for MORE + that our stories, no matter how the telling goes, are abosulutely DIVINE.

I've also realized I've been visually communicating stories and mapping journeys since the first time I put brush to canvas so now I'm leaning in to this more in 2024.

("Worthy" currently on display at New Towne Gallery)

artist teaching art class
Artist, Tina Lawver, Teaches art workshops

There is more here...

YOUR story matters. YOUR overcoming is inspiring.

Our stories are worth telling.

Thank you for allowing me to share my heart and for those who've chosen to make my art a part of their story over the years, I am humbled and grateful.

I'll be accepting commissions January - March in 2024

Please feel free to contact me

artist holding brushes in front of painting
Artist, Tina Lawver, visually communicates divine stories


*creating a prophetic piece

*a piece of art about your story

*in memory of a loved one

*a vision you have for your home or business

I'm honored to create for you and continue this story with you.

"Visually Communicating Divine Stories"

Artfully Yours,

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