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So, Why do you do this?

You're an artist right? Yes! So, What's the deal with this jewelry? (actual question to me)

I paint collectable paintings that are meant to lift up and inspire. I ,now and then, enjoy painting works for home decor , for residential, and commercial use.

I paint constantly...Art is a big part of my life and how I communicate.

Every once in a while, my work will turn back to me and show another use in the process.

Sometimes, a joyful and surprising thing happens and following the flow of inspiration no longer becomes a choice but like an adventurous path of discovery that I know will lead to a fun and joyous end.

Yes, these little earrings are a part of that.

This is the 4th collection of these Art Canvas Earrings that I've had the joy to create.

With names like "Spring", "Raindrops", "Blooms", and "Roots", we journeyed together and had the best time.

As an artist, I learn a bit more with each collection and creating them gets me into the detail of a painting. The imagery of a small section of a painting where the color converges and the marks make a statement is so engaging.

I have no desire to make jewelry, but wearing and offering these small masterpieces is an art form in itself.

They fulfill my calling with themes of encouragement, of lifting up, and expressing hope.

I can see that they will, now and then, be a path I'll want to follow.

When the mood strikes, when I see a moment in a piece, I can see they may become the next piece I'll want to wear instead of hang on the wall.

To see all of the available Art Canvas Earrings, click here...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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