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The Paradox and the Purpose

This had a ringing of truth as I read it. The saying goes..."get comfortable with being uncomfortable" Right?

There's no comfort if you are growing and I've decided to be in continual growth so I've embraced this little statement.

I don't want to get stagnant, stand still, wrap up in a comfy blanket ...

(though there may be some Winter nights spent just this way)

and be constantly protected from every negative impact that may come my way in the form of target, resistance, or failure.

One of the many things I appreciate about children, particularly our Grandsons, is that they have such a sense of wonder and curiosity that it often overrides their sense of possible discomfort. It's quite engaging when you think about it. They instinctively know that it will be fun to climb that tree and reach that next branch, it'll have great reward to jump that bike over that ramp, they will experience adventure balancing precariously on that moving object.

It's the strong knowing that what is in the process and on the other side is where the richness of the moment lies even though that limb breaking, the bike crashing, and the balance failing as they fall to the ground are real possibilities, they cast it aside naively and quickly proceed.

They haven't experienced enough to have the discernment to avoid the stupid antics where the risks outweigh the results and what is purposeful or just folly.

As we mature and have experienced the falls, breaks, crashes, and wounds, we gain a wisdom and a knowledge that this could hurt, we may fail...the possibilities of failure seem to move more to the front of our conscience and often stop us in our tracks and keep us from stepping into what could be.

Every great moment seems to require a bit of risk and discernment is key.

I will confess, I've gotten a bit hardened by past hurts and have some interesting scars to show for it though some cannot be easily seen. (so true on this side of heaven for us all) I've become someone of what I'll call "sterner stuff". It's been misinterpreted and I'm ok with that. It's been misunderstood when my calling didn't fall in line with a role that filled a purpose for someone else.

It's created in me a boldness, a purpose driven sense of get it done, and a desire to share the more...The More that comes from being uncomfortable, experiencing pain, and then overcoming.

It is in the overcoming that we find out who we are and often who others are. It can be how God refines you and uses you to refine others. It's the process and I have learned to expect resistance and to trust the process because I trust my Maker. The Creator, God, is also the re-creator. He never leaves us stuck and enjoys the path with us.

My Art, Life, and Mission...are all one as far as who I am in each. Striving to have that alignment, I quickly notice when one is off and work to affirm the path I'm on.

Having a softness and a sense of curiosity and wonder, knowing that hurt and being uncomfortable is necessary, as well as a boldness to stand firm knowing Who makes me worthy and has given me a purpose, I do realize I'm a bit of a mix...a paradox if you will. Two ends of a spectrum...I'm sweet, but don't mess with my calling. I'm open, but don't stand in the way. I Love, but I'll speak truth...because I love. I'll shake the dust off my shoes and move on and pray for you as I do.

If you examine my life, you'll see it. If you view my work, you'll experience it. If you need the encouragement to draw a line in the sand, sit tall in your own seat, and move past the uncomfortable things to experience the beauty of possibility, I may be your people.

My work is created to encourage us to embrace both. The softness and open curiosity unencumbered by the possibility of pain as well as the focused strength and boldness of one with fixed eyes on mission.

Living and Thriving in a State of Wonder - Knowing and Communicating our Worth

Authentically Yours,

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