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Cues from a Sunrise (a painting in process)

Most mornings, I watch the sunrise from the kitchen table in our little cottage near the lake.

I get to be witness as the light changes and in turn changes everything it touches. I observe how the colors are made more magnificent with each passing second for that is how very quickly the change happens. There's magic in it, beauty in it....I believe it's a daily gift from a loving Father in heaven. Nature cries out that there is a God.

Today, like most days, is a studio day. Ted and I prayed before he left for work this morning that even the daily things we do, make a difference remembering that God is in the details and He has already been where we are going today and His plan is perfection. That we can rest in the Bringer of the day.

On the easel and in process, is a painting focused on a moment, a magical, never happen again moment, that encourages and allows for a change of the heart, a perspective shift...

A blue song bird is sent to minister to her and she is being infused with encouragement which will lead to a next step in her life of purpose.

Color cues from a sunrise, vintage music pages, the contrast of dark to light, a look, a glance, intentional marks and flow of the paint all working together to create a visual reminder that, when we lose our way or forget our purpose, there is an eternal plan and it's so important that gentle loving reminders come in tender forms to bring us back to it.



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