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Lean in Dear Artist, Friend, What you create is important.

Oh, You think...that you are "just" an artist, what can you do that matters, that makes a difference or a lasting mark in the world? How does 30--40 hours of studio time per week, prayer, and refining your craft contribute to anything worthwhile or long lasting? It's not like we are physicians or researchers committed to curing the illnesses that destroy or those on the front lines fighting for innocent lives to be spared....Right?

I've had these battles. These inner fights with that critic that lives in my head.

I've downplayed my role and minimized the value of what it is I've chosen as my vocation.

I've been my own worst enemy and fought against spending precious time in the studio believing there must be a more "worthy" pursuit.

Yes, I've been there...The ugly truth is that I'll probably be there again next week


I won't stay there.

I won't stay there because I've witnessed the manifestation of hope that comes from someone meeting up with the image they needed to behold that gave them that reminder that there is hope, that confirmation that they are understood and that they are seen. A divine connection.

Not many question a beautiful piece of music that moves them, the written word that speaks life, or a stunning sculpture that stands the test of time chiseled from marble so long ago.


I'll never stop fighting those voices that speak the opposite of the calling on my life and I pray you won't either.

If you've received healing, gained knowledge, fought battles (lost or won) If you are a human being on this side of Heaven and know that there is more....You carry something precious

What you have inside of you is worthy to create and put out into the world. It is powerful and can and will be used to speak life and truth and bring forth beauty. To shed the light of love and hope and drown out darkness is a more worthy calling than we can even perceive.

Whatever you create, be in the act of creating.

I was at an art show in November. A young man came into my booth space. He was quiet, head down, and quite taken with a small piece on the display table. It was a print of an original painting. He kept looking up at the original and then down again at the print. I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to leave him alone for a moment. When I felt it was time, I thanked him for coming in and looking and asked if I could help him. He said "I want to buy this print" I said "I'm honored and blessed that you want it" He said, "My friend's husband was just diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and he won't make it to Christmas. This is a gift for her. I want her to look at it and know that she was loved by so many through this time."

I was so moved. I noticed he was also looking at the ornaments on a tree I had in my booth and I chose the one he was considering and gave it to him and, with a hug, we completed the transaction.

This is not just a moment, this is not an insignificant thing that happens and passes and has nothing important attached to it.......................this is eternal.

When I created said piece, I knew it was for someone. I've learned to believe that the process is for me and my interaction with my God, but the finished piece created from that time is for someone else and for a deeper purpose than what the limits of my faith and imagination can conceive.

Lean in dear Artist friend. Lean in to the passion to create. Don't fear that there won't be provision. I've had testimony of that as well. Know that what you do is a ministry of presence and your art is a delivery system for peace and hope to the soul.

We are messengers, light bearers, and hope bringers. In relationship with our Creator, we find purpose.

Artfully Yours, Tina

P.S. I know that many who read this will be moved and some will be offended by the heart of my calling as an artist. The truth is good and gospel is disruptive. Being moved is to be fully alive and to be disrupted in an opportunity for a pivot shift of great significance.

This piece is in process and it's about what grows out of that quiet conversation in studio time. The inspired moments.

I'm excited to see where it goes.

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