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Painting Pure

Do You like color? I mean really love the paint aisle in the art supply store is akin to the candy aisle in the little store where we got to go and when we got a treat as a kid. I remember walking up and down that section with so many choices and colors knowing I would get to choose one thing. I could just couldn't wait to enjoy my choice.

Would it be the little wax bottle that had this yummy juice, a handful of taffy, or my favorites at the time....tootsie rolls??

It was so fun the memory attached to that little store...It was innocence, it was pure. A pure memory, clean and rich.

I feel the same about that lane of goodness and potential known as the art section at the supply store. I like to go in there and drink in all the eye candy. Pure color, it's never been touched. It's never been squeezed from the tube and it holds all the potential to be anything.

The thing about art supplies is that they are just going to sit there with all that promise, but in the hands of an inspired artist with a fresh idea, a spark of passion, and a skilled hand....that artist uses that tube of pure, untouched paint and brings to life inanimate objects.

An artist, whether they wield a brush, a hammer, an instrument, ...the goal is to create a pure and honest image, message, melody, a word that has the potential to encourage a heart and possibly change the world.

"Pure" 24"x24" Mixed Media Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Original Available (Contact Me) /Prints coming soon

If you would like to take a journey, like I did, check out this amazing program and learn how to create beautiful art, The Program opens up this week. Check out the information link right here.

Artfully Yours,


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