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Peace (her process)

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

The end result is rarely as one imagines. True in art and certainly in life.

On a day, where happenings out of our control invaded our peaceful space, out to the studio, I ran...diving heart-first into healing music about truth beyond circumstance.

Looking around, I pulled out a 20"x 20" Canvas, squeezed out colors on the palette. Colors that emote joy, energy, growth (I wanted to feel those things) These are my go to colors. Those default colors, the ones that require no thought, the hues my soul responds to and resonates with. Standing, gathering what's inside, releasing, and not resting, with no brush in sight, but with scrapings, scattered patterns...I applied color. A visual, emulating the chaos and movement of the moment was made visible.

At some point, with no awareness of the time passing, the breath regulated, the calm caressed, and the focus came. Something began to grow up in orangey-red warmth. In the midst, in the process, in the journey of this moment...peaceful order and direction began to blend in and sing harmoniously. Following the harmony, feeling favor on the direction, the push and pull and the tension overcame the struggle and found peace with each other as I picked up the brush.

In this moment, my husband captured that state of peaceful direction and the desire to just go there...that precious moment

of sweet surrender and not wanting to stop...totally in...where I

belong...where I thrive...where I'm healed

Do you have a place like that? I hope so. Whether it's art, music,

exercise, reading, cooking, playing with your babies, walking in nature...whatever it may be...creativity is good for the created soul.

*I wanted to share this with you because there's nothing wrong with making pretty things. I can make pretty things, crank out

work, and I've done that...but it left this artisan soul hollow and unfullfilled.

What I've learned is that processing what is real and genuine and journeying through, authentically, creates a human connection in the finished work.

The soul, who connected with this piece before it was even finished, sent this message to me when she was inquiring about it.

"I am just in love with this one! I'm in love with SO MANY of your paintings, but this one just grabs me in a big hug!"

What began as a moment where I needed comfort and a big hug became that, not only for me, but for someone else.


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