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Dream | Dare | Discover

You know that "weird" kid, the one fidgety, unsatisfied, often not truly present. The one in class that didn't hear the teacher call on them because she was doodling and dreaming?

The one who breaks out in a sweat when she's called to the board to complete a math problem? She may even know how to get the answer but is terrified anyway. She's also The one who when she goes to stand in front of the class to draw a bird on the chalk board doesn't panic but moves into "I got this mode" and is super excited to share??

She's familiar to me. I know her + there is nothing wrong with her, she's just creative.

We all are...really. It's in us, but often it gets squashed or pushed down.

Authenticity is often hard for the dreamer. She doesn't fit the mold, but what God has placed in her is valuable and needs to be shared. It's Meant to be shared...It's why it's there.

As an artist, especially a professional, being genuine and putting one's self in harm's way, is simply part of the gig.

It's a path to discovery and disclosure.

I've been on this path and will continue to walk it boldly and I want to encourage the creative in you to find value in your vision. It's been strategically placed and it's been entrusted to you for greater purpose.

Stewardship of the gift .... it's not just for us. Someone needs us to embrace it.

Someone needs us to Dream | To Dare | To Discover.

and ultimately to Do

With Love,


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