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Updated: Mar 30

We were intended, created for a garden. A perfect garden, but this isn't it

We were meant for magical moments and being able to truly see the beauty in the everyday, but life on this side of heaven can skew our view and our vision gets muddied by all the chaos.

We can believe the lie of the enemy of our soul, the enemy of our peace into believing that we aren't worthy or deserving of momentous things.

This painting is all about that. A peace filled moment of breathing in and being close and intimate with creation and savoring this thing that may never happen again.

Just to be present, fully in the space, and showing up as our authentic self...


to Know that it's ok, is a unique, quiet joy that we get on this side of heaven.

Occasionally, we get glimpses of the "garden"............and we are "Worthy" of moments like this.

Blessings to you,



10"x10" Mixed Media Oil / Canvas / Available Now

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